3 IMPORTANT POINTS You Should Know About The Lifting of The Interstate And Interdistrict Travel Ban

The highly anticipated announcement from Malaysia’s government has finally given some good news! Get ready for standstills in highways and dreadful holiday traffic congestion as the travel bans are finally lifted!

Before you load up your cars and go riding into the sunset, here’s what you should know about the lifting of the interstate and interdistrict travel ban:

1. There will no longer be any roadblocks on the road

(Image: The Star Online)

Police forces will put all roadblocks to a halt beginning of the 7th of December. In turn, they will be turning their focus to ensuring the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) are being followed. Do remember to stay alert and take care of your own health by following the set guidelines.

2. Police permits will no longer be required except for EMCO areas

(Image: World Times News)

You don’t have to head to the police station for that travel permit for interstate and interdistrict travel anymore! You can head on down to anywhere you want unless you were thinking of those areas under EMCO.

3. Vehicle passengers must adhere to the seating capacity 

(Image: Perodua Malaysia)

Thankfully there is no longer a limit to how many passengers are allowed to be in a vehicle. This rule might have been a given for many but just make sure that every passenger has their own seat in the car.

Although there may no longer be a travel ban in place, all tourism related activities have yet to resume. However, we might be hearing an announcement from the Ministry of Tourism if we will be getting on a flight out of here anytime soon!

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