[2021] The BEST Sushi Restaurants in Malaysia!

Malaysia is filled with amazing people from different races and cultures but there is one thing we can all agree on, FOOD! We have SO many varieties of food from Chinese cuisines, Malay cuisines, Indian cuisines, and many more. Besides that, we also have talented local chefs that learn and master international dishes to our home country (we are very grateful for you)!

Doesn’t matter if you are a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan, seafood enthusiast, etc., sushi is always the perfect dish for you! You can never go wrong with sushi as there are many ways to prepare it. In this list, we have compiled the best places to get delicious sushi in Malaysia! Make sure you are hungry because we are going on an adventure!

Instead of going to Japan for an all-out miraculous experience, Malaysia can provide the same scrumptious sushi at a reasonable price! Of course, it’s different for everybody BUT there is one for you! ❗ IMPORTANT NOTE ❗ Don’t worry if the prices are scary at first, it will drop drastically as you go through it! 😆

🔔 Smearing Excessive Soy Sauce and Wasabi on the masterpiece is NOT good 🔔


1. Sushi Ten Omakase

    (Image: EATDRINKKL)

    Omakase is a meal that is decided by the chef, so you do not have to worry about ordering excessive or wrong sushi. You can enjoy their preplanned 8-course feast for RM360 per pax that is uniquely and professionally made in front of you! Besides that, they guarantee freshness as their seafood is shipped twice a week from Japan.

       📍 : G-891, Ground Floor, Tower H, Empire City, Jalan Damansara, PJU 8, 47820 PJ.

      📲 : 011-3337-6881 | FB: Sushi Ten Omakase | IG: Sushi Ten Omakase


    2. Sushi Hibiki

      (Image: First Classe)


      Introducing another omakase restaurant as it is the finest Japanese cuisine you can experience, so it is not surprising at all! Sushi Hibiki is led by Chef Makoto Saito Sam where he had a few decades of experience in making sushi all the while conversing with the customers. He values the dining experience more than anything else and they are deemed one of the Top 20 restaurants in 2020 by Malaysia Tatler, a high-end magazine reporter.

         📍 : Lot B1-04(A), Basement 1, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place KL, Jalan Ampang KL.

        📲 : +603 2391 9008 | FB: Sushi Hibiki | IG: Sushi Hibiki


      3. TAKA

      (Image: TAKA on Facebook)


      If you are looking for something more hearty, TAKA is the perfect place as it is led by Chef Uehara, a master of beef! The ingredients are freshly grown and harvested from Japan so you can enjoy your food knowing the quality is top-notch. Besides the amazing diverse collection they have, you have the luxury of pairing sakes with any of the Omakase menus.

        📍 : No. 6, Level 3A, The St. Regis KL, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, KL Sentral, 50470 KL.

        📲 : +603 2391 9008 | FB: TAKA Sushi | IG: TAKA Sushi


      4. Sushi Oribe

        (Image: TripAdvisor)

        This wonderful establishment has 6 years of experience under its belt. For many years they are guided by 3 Japanese and 1 Malaysian chef that specializes in enhancing customer experiences. Although they are professionals, they are still open to suggestions on how customers would like to be treated. It shows how dedicated they are to the process and their customers’ experience.

          📍 : Vipod Residences, Ground Floor Block C-1, No 6, Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 KL

          📲 : +603-2181 4099 | FB: Sushi Oribe | IG: Sushi Oribe


        5. Nori Sushi

          (Image: Nori Sushi on Facebook)


          Unlike the restaurants before that focuses mainly on the whole journey, Nori Sushi puts their attention on providing the finest sushi in terms of quality and freshness of their ingredients. Moreover, a veteran Sushi Chef by the name of Steven will flaunt his creativity for you. You can check out their overall preview here.

            📍 : Nori Sushi, Fraser Place, 10 Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

            📲 : +603 2181 4873 | FB: Nori Sushi | IG: Nori Sushi


          6. Sushi Azabu

            (Image: Time Out)

            Although Sushi Azabu is fairly new in Malaysia, they are a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York for their artiste and precision in perfecting sushi. Their menu offers a wide variety of Japan’s all-time delights with the freshest ingredients as the plates of seafood are shipped twice a week to ensure its utmost quality.

              📍 : 4F Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

              📲 : +603 2119 2624 | FB: Sushi Azabu | IG: Sushi Azabu


            7. Sushi GO SS15

              (Image: TripAdvisor)

              If you scroll until this point, I would guess you are looking for some plain and simple but delicious Sushi. Well, first up we have Sushi GO from SS15. They have the cheapest sushi YET the most delicious ones in Subang Jaya. They specialize in making all kinds of sushi, so there is one for your likings! If this is too far, you could also visit the alternative which is located in Melawati Mall nearby Zoo Negara.

                📍 : 10, Jalan SS 15/8, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

                📲 : +6018 386 2469 | FB: Sushi GO SS15 | IG: Sushi GO


              8. Sushi Mentai

                (Image: Sushi Mentai)

                I would personally recommend this if you couldn’t care less for the exquisite Omakase experience above. Sushi Mentai ships most of the ingredients directly from Japan and their goal is to provide everyone the chance to taste authentic sushi regardless of any pricing privilege. The best part of it all is that they have many outlets in Malaysia, so it is accessible by majority. As of now, they are working hard towards popularising quality yet remain affordable.

                  📍 : 46 Outlets Across Malaysia

                  📲 : Website | FB: Sushi Mentai | IG: Sushi Mentai


                9. Sushi Zanmai

                  (Image: Reddit)

                  With 20 years of experience in Japan, this restaurant serves sushi through conveyor belts for convenience. There are 100 assortments and varieties available for your liking and they specialize in handling raw materials. Beside their delicious sushi selections, they also provide authentic Japanese dishes such as noodles and many donburi dishes.

                    📍 : 33 Outlets Across Malaysia

                    📲 : Website | FB: Sushi Zanmai


                  10. Sushi King

                    (Image: Sushi King)

                    It wouldn’t be a complete list without having Sushi King, would it? Personally, this is the restaurant that started my sushi craze when I was young. They are also a conveyor belt-type restaurant. Although it does not stray too far from Sushi Zanmai, this is the perfect place to bring your children for some nice sushi!

                      📍 : 28 Outlets Across Malaysia

                      📲 : Website | FB: Sushi King | IG: Sushi King

                    Of course, there is no way that all your favorite Sushi restaurants can fit in the list. Hence, it looks pretty decent to me. What do you think of the list? Did it spark your interest in getting some good sushi? If you’re looking to experience something fresh that is not sushi, you can:-

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