10 Funny Tweets On The New AirPods Max

The internet is going crazy again for yet another new Apple launch. This time, it's the Apple AirPods Max and boy, those critiques did not hold back. Here are some funny tweets on the New AirPods Max for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy these tweets and remember to stay safe.

1. Welps, there goes all my savings.

2. Get a part of your new Halloween costume ready with the AirPods Max

3. You can avoid a major wardrobe malfunction with one of these

4. Might we see another multi million copyright battle from Apple hmm...

5. I feel you Mr. Krabs


6. Ah the throwback!


7. At least no one can steal from you while you sleep anymore, cause you won’t have anything else on you 


8. Are we sure that’s not a shower head? I’ve been fooled once before 


9. Guess it’s time to make a tough call 


10. Gone are the days that you can flex with a regular AirPod


Did you love those tweets? Hope we brought a smile to your face at least. Although we made some jokes, you know we are going to see you in line getting one the moment it launches in Malaysia!

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