Guide To Using All Day Unlimited Entries

Many have asked us whether it's possible to finish the attractions in All Day Unlimited Entries or what's the best way to experience all the attractions in a day.
For that, we have come up with a video to give an idea on which attractions to visit in sequence from the moment you reach i-City till the moment you go home.
Hope it will help you plan your next visit at i-City Theme Park. :)


Disclaimer : This is just a reference only. You may choose to visit whichever attraction based on your own preference. We only listed the main ones but when you visit, you'll notice that there's many more available. :)

Starting :
Rides before 5pm :
1) WaterWorld
2) Snowalk
3) Red Carpet 1
4) Red Carpet 2
5) Trick Art Museum 
Rides after 5pm :
6) House of Horror
7) Space Mission
City Of Digital Light

8) Disco Ride
9) Space Walk
10) Twisting Boat
11) Moon Jellies
12) SuperSwing
13) 2-Tier Carousel
14) Adventure Train

Theme Park B
15) Ferris Wheel
16) Bumper Car
17) Circus Travel
18) Pirate Ship
19) Rocking Chaisse Car (TPB)
20) Family Builder (TPB)

Fun World:
21) VR World
22) 5D Cinema
23) Party Car (infront RC)
24) Fitness Junior

Fun Drive
25) Fun Drive

Itsy Bitsy:
26) Spinning Cups
27) Castle Mania
28) Ants Park
29) Avatar Flight
30) Jumping Frog
31) Car Drift
32) Water Adventure

Under the Sea:
33) Ultra-Formers IW
34) Million Balls
35) Rocking Chaisse Car IW
36) Under the Sea
37) Family Builder IW
38) Jungle Train

39) Winchester CTW

CentralWalk Rides:
40) Happy Shuttle
41) Ultra Former CW
42) Circuit de Monaco
43) Bowl America 
44) Winchester CW
45) Darts CW
46) Snowalk Village