LEGO Fans Unite! There’s A NEW Collection in Town!

Some of you may know that LEGO has released a new collection in Singapore that has sold out within a few days. The good news is that the collection is coming to Malaysia! You might be wondering what collection would make people go crazy for it. Well, the collection is actually a partnership between LEGO and our beloved IKEA!


(Image: StoneWars)

Last week, the “BYGGLEK” collection was launched in Singapore and the citizens were crowding stores to get one of their own. It was reported that the collection sold out way before they were able to announce the availability of online purchasing to reduce crowded areas.


(Image: IKEA)


This collection stands out from the rest because both adults and children can use the LEGO pieces as furniture or place them as sculptures around your house. The collection consists of four different products such as -

  1. One set of 3 small boxes
  2. Two set of big boxes, and
  3. One set of LEGO bricks



What do you think about this whole announcement? Would you be interested to buy it?

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