Extreme Flood In Pahang Has Caused Serious Road Damage

(Image: Malay Mail)

Floods can cause serious road damage as shown in Pahang such as landslides and collapsing road structures. Unfortunately, a bridge at Kampung Lechar in Dong, Pahang, collapsed due to the flood and sank in the river.

(Image: Malay Mail)

There are buildings that have been left completely submerged in water by the Maran district. Other places have also seen similar cases with food stores disappearing into waters or sights where nothing can be seen other than a telephone pole sticking out through the deep waters.


Vehicles heading over to Fraser's Hill now face an impossible challenge as well. There have been two landslides that have trapped 13 vehicles along with the Jalan Raub-Bukit Fraser that occurred around 1.30pm yesterday. Luckily there were no casualties but a huge clean-up operation had to be done to ease the cars along.


The Malaysian Meteorological Department has named this raining spell, “Winter Monsoon'', where heavy rain and floods are expected. You can also expect the cold and rain to go on until March this year. 

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