Do Pizza Hut or Dominos serve better pizzas?

Image: Pizza Hut Surveys

I am very grateful to the Italians for introducing pizza to the world. Whether it is a house party, birthday party, or relaxing at home with friends, we generally order pizza. Pizza is a favorite global food. It is hard to choose between ordering Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza. These two brands have an age-old rivalry between them. And it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

If you're someone who wants to remain neutral on your fav pizza brand, then boo on you cause we are here to help you pick a side! Hopefully a breakdown of these two restaurants can finally get you off the fence and into either team!


Domino’s pizza sauce is very tasty and is often commended for being tastier than Pizza Hut’s. For cheese lovers, the pizza from Domino’s pizza is cheesier than Pizza Hut’s pizza. Domino’s cheese burst pizza is a very popular item on their menu as the cheese literally drips out of the pizzas. Domino’s garlic bread is a hot favorite for many people. The overall taste and the texture of Domino’s pizza is highly rated. 


Pizza Hut puts low-quality cheese on its pizzas and too often there's not enough of it too. Hardly anything pips out as you squeeze the pizza. The cheese will toughen if you let the pizza cool off for less than a minute. There’s also the fact that the slices are way too greasy! The pizza base feels slimy underneath due to the excess olive oil. 


Both pizza places are known for being generous with their coupons and promos but take away the coupons and Domino’s comes out on top for price! The lowest range of topping offered at Domino’s will set you back RM 27.80 for a regular pie while the cheapest you may find in Pizza Hut for the same size is RM 32.90.

Delivery service: 

Domino's guarantees delivery within 30 minutes and achieves their target. And Although Pizza Hut makes no such guarantee, they do strive to be as fast as possible.

To wrap it up, if you don’t mind the higher prices, then Pizza Hut would be the place to go to. Domino’s would be the place to go for winning this comparison test. But ultimately, try out both outlets as that would be a reason for you to try out each of their pizzas, which all stand out in their own right.

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