Selangor's Golden Triangle Day 2020

Selangor's Golden Triangle Day 2020

After the fireworks on the 31st December 2019, i-City is now in preparation for its 2020 Selangor's Golden Triangle campaign.

As the Selangor's Golden Triangle and also a tourism destination, i-City is now in plans for an array of events and activities for 2020. This is in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020 as well!

Thus, mark your calendars as it will start with the 2020 Selangor's Golden Triangle Day on the 9th February 2020 (Sunday), at i-City Leisure Theme Park.

The 2020 Selangor's Golden Triangle Day offers All Day Free* Entry to all rides and attractions in the theme park for all local Malaysians. This is also to encourage Malaysians to travel local.

Come with friends and family on the date and have a day of fun!


Fast Facts

  • Who? - MALAYSIANS near and far will get to enjoy free entry* to i-City Theme Park during the event day. International guests will still need to purchase entry tickets at the usual rate, but they will be eligible for the express lane for a speedier and more convenient entry.
  • What? - All major attractions will be available for free entry* with certain requirements. Read on to know more.
  • When? - 9 February 2020 (Sunday). All major attractions will still follow their usual operation hours.
  • How? - To enjoy free entry* to our theme park, visitor MUST download the i-City Mobile App and purchase the Free Entry* Pass at RM 0 and you are good to go!

It is highly encouraged to DOWNLOAD the i-City Mobile App beforehand to hasten the process to enter your favorite rides and attractions. Find out how to download it. [Here]


Express Pass

We sincerely appreciate your patience during the day as more visitors is expected during the open day for FREE rides and attractions to i-City Leisure Theme Park with fellow Malaysian. i-City expects up to 30,000 visitors on the event day itself.

Interested in speedier access? Why not purchase the express pass? Express pass holders will be able to enjoy better convenience and speedier entry via the express lane to major attractions. Express pass holders will also be able to enjoy free entry to Red Carpet 2!

These limited express pass are available at RM 35/pax, and can be purchased through the i-City Mobile App now. Express pass holders must proceed to the ticket redemption counter on 9th February to redeem their wristbands.

Furthermore, WaterWorld Annual Pass (RM 99/pax) and All Day Unlimited Entries Annual Pass (RM 299/pax) will also be available for purchase at the ticket counters. All Day Unlimited Entries Annual Pass purchasers on 9th February will automatically be entitled for the express pass on the day.


Red Carpet 2 @ i-City


Rides and Attractions

Do bear in mind that free entry excludes the rental of lockers, boots, jackets and other add-on-items.

General operation hours is as follow:

  • WaterWorld: 10am - 6pm
  • SnoWalk/ Red Carpet/ Trick Art Museum/ Red Carpet 2/ centralWalk: 11am - 11pm
  • City of Digital Lights (Zone A, Zone B, Itsy Bitsy): 4pm - 12am
General theme park rules, 90cm height restrictions, terms and conditions are still applicable during the event.

*Compulsory upon entry of attraction

  • Winter Jacket and Boots rental* - SnoWalk (RM 30)
  • Ear Muffs and Gloves* - Snow Village (RM 10)
  • Locker Rentals - SnoWalk (RM 3)*, WaterWorld (RM 10/ RM 20)


WaterWorld @ i-City


SnoWalk @ i-City


Spacewalk, City of Digital Lights @ i-City


Apart from that, our event partners Touch n' Go is dropping in as well! Visitors will be able to enjoy a soft drink at only RM 0.50 with your Touch n' Go e-Wallet at all Touch n' Go booths located around the theme park.

i-City runs on a cashless system and we use i-Points. i-Points are required to be pre-loaded in QR ticket with a minimum top up of RM 50 (50 i-Points). Consecutive top ups must be in multiples of RM 10 (10 i-Points). i-Points is valid one (1) year from first transaction and will automatically expire thereafter removed without prior notification.


Are you a vendor interested in joining the 2020 Selangor's Golden Triangle Day? Please contact - or call 03 - 5521 8866.


Come join in the celebrations at the Golden Triangle of Selangor on 9th February 2020! Don't miss out!