We're simply amazed at how time passes by, it's time for the 11.11 i-NAK MURAH GILER Sales! November is a festive month not only for kids in school, but it’s also a special month that every avid online shopper awaits.
There’s really no better time to fulfill the wish list you’ve crafted throughout the year. With an abundance of amazing deals lined up, the 11:11 i-NAK MURAH GILER Sales is definitely the right time to pamper yourself for your hard work all year long.

Important Note :
  • 11.11 i-NAK MURAH GILER tickets are valid until the 30th of December 2019.
  • 2 To Go means for 2 people
  • 4 To Go means for 4 people
  • Same price for adult, child and senior citizen.

  • Tickets / Packages can be used starting from the 12th of November 2019 onwards

Here’s your guide on what to expect from 9th – 11th November :-


Though 11:11 is widely known for the date 11th November, our deals don’t start from that day. In fact, we have a promotion and an online activity from the 9th leading up to 11th November for you!

- centralWalk 6 Months Pass at RM 97 (Applicable for MyKad holder only)

- Get a chance to play Spin and Win upon check out and win prizes


A sneak peek of our flash deal happening on the 11th November. Only available to purchase at a heavily discounted price on the 11th November at the specific timings.

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